Course curriculum

    1. Bjj fundamentals

    2. Intro - Dummy

    3. How to fill your dummy

    4. How to use the Dummy part 1

    5. How to use the Dummy part 2

    1. S1 Escapes Underhook to knee tap

    2. S1 Escapes Wrist grab

    3. S1 Escapes Knee Dive

    4. S1 Escape Scarf hold Escape

    5. S1 Escapes Headlock escape

    1. M1 Escapes Elbow Escape

    2. M1 Escapes Bump to Foot lock

    3. M1 Escapes Arm Trap

    4. M1 Escapes Headlock escape

    5. M1 Escapes Heel Drag

    6. M1 Escapes Fish Hook

    1. M1 Submissions Spinning Arm Bar

    2. M1 Subs S Mount Arm Bar

    3. M1 Subs Americana

    4. M1 Subs Americana to Belly down arm bar

    5. M1 Subs Americana to Arm Bar

    6. M1 Subs Twisting Arm Control

    7. M1 Subs Lapel Cross Choke

    8. M1 Subs Palm & Thumb in

    9. M1 Subs Ezekiel choke

    1. G1 Passes Double Underhook pass

    2. G1 passes Single Arm Pass

    3. G1 Guard Passes Elbow Pass

    1. G1 Sweeps Scissor Sweep

    2. G1 Sweeps Push Sweep

    3. G1 Series Push Sweep to Arm Bar

    4. G1 Sweeps Hip Bump

    5. G1 Sweeps Flower Sweep

    6. G1 Sweeps Arm Bar to Flower Sweep

    7. G1 Sweeps Arm bar to stack to flower sweep

    8. G1 Sweeps Tripod Sweep

    9. G1 Sweeps Elevator Sweep

    10. G1 Sweeps Double ankle sweep

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